Dumpy: Going Elephants - An Oculus Rift game made for the IndieCade jam

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Windows build for the OCULUS RIFT DK2:

  • Unplug the camera or point it backwards (game only uses rotation data and translation data messes it up)
  • Set the game resolution to your EXACT screen resolution
  • Latest build (11/5/14) 61mb

build for Google Cardboard

  • Open on an android device and have it install
  • Newer devices (past year) recommended for best framerates
  • It's 90% working so you know... more updates
  • Latest build (4/10/16) 58mb

Windows build for the OCULUS RIFT DK1:

If you DON'T HAVE an Oculus Rift try one of these:

To Play:

  • Look around (swing trunk) with your mouse
  • Scroll-wheel adjusts sensitivity

Mac version for Oculus Rift coming soon!

Please send feedback to bschrank@gmail.com